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RoseEmblem Says:

- ....................................S*#&

darious rodgers Says:

- NEVER Ever Delivery Pizza 😅🍕

Don von Frustratio Says:

- lmao CHOKING HAZARD should be on all vaginas.

HibiscusPrimRose Says:

- Aye yo Drake ain't about that Byne.

Bill Cipher Says:

- "Mr. Pizzaman..."

Moonk Shadow Says:

- What was that green string coming out of the dudes eye

I cant find a name Says:

- You are never going to leave...

Toy Bonnie Says:

- Is her vagina eating the fuckin bullets XD I was crying oh my god

opsonicfan358 Says:


Rose Gomes Says:

- well the only thing off is that this seems to describe Miley Cyrus than Amanda.. I can't say I remember Amanda being that desperate for sex or going bad..

Maximus Z Says:

- lol put on caption on 0:10

crazyDubSNipes Says:

- The drake part is my favorite 

Dean V. Says:


Sabor Q Says:

- Dude not cool. Amanda Bynes has a serious mental disorder and all the flack she gets only makes things worse,

▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░KoolJake321░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂ Says:

- When Drake Called 911 it quickly changed too "You pressed 822" xD

Dessy Rachova Says:

- i find this disturbing but yet oddly charming

Vector Silver Says:

- This was uploaded on my birthday.........

KozakAlencarProductions Says:

- "...You're never going to leave........"

Michael Robertson Says:

- I would say she has crabs but that' a lobster

volcanus20 Says:

- oh lord what have i watched

jeαɴ ĸιrѕcнтeιɴ Says:

- i lost it when her brow fell off.

Numinous123 Says:

- Before anyone cries that people are being mean to Amanda Byne.... remember that as pathetic as she is, she's still a millionaire. I can only feel just so much sympathy for someone who's a spoiled, rich, brat who destroyed their life with drugs and stupidity.

Micky D. Diabeetus Says:

- Winky face

undeadprinman Says:

- Is it fucked up that i want a continuation of this video?

WiseEndro333 Says:

- Someone just murder myvagina @Drake;)