Por: SpeedoSausage

Duración: 1:33

Woah! Dan Schneider's hit 90's comedy The Amanda Show is making a comeback! Nickelodeon is saved!Tumblr (18+): http://speedosausage.tumblr.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpeedoSausageFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/SpeedoSausageSecond Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SpeedeuxSausage

Canal: Animals


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Toy Bonnie Says:

- Is her vagina eating the fuckin bullets XD I was crying oh my god

Alexander Heath Says:

- I'm on that side of youtube again.

Vector Silver Says:

- This was uploaded on my birthday.........

Obsidian Wasp Says:

- *Winky face.*

crazyDubSNipes Says:

- The drake part is my favorite 

Hentai Oppai Says:

- Amanda is not my waifu.

LolWut Says:

- Amanda Bynes = SatanConfirmed

Logeenth Rao Says:

- Why you do this, Amanda Bynes?! Poor Drake...

▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░KoolJake321░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂ Says:

- When Drake Called 911 it quickly changed too "You pressed 822" xD

I cant find a name Says:

- You are never going to leave...

KingStix Says:

- lol the 2nd time i watched this i saw what was on her leg 00:48nice job on the details :P

Tyrone Choclate Ogre Twinkle Toes Says:

- Happy Sexual Sunday

ignacio rivera Says:

- Bring out the dancing lobsters!!!

lilkittyanime Says:

- That was the scariest thing in the world O___O it started out funny but that ending killed me inside =_____=good job Speedo ^______^

Don von Frustratio Says:

- lmao CHOKING HAZARD should be on all vaginas.

Charley Ferral Says:

- Is her vagina eating the fuckin' bullets?!?!

Dessy Rachova Says:

- i find this disturbing but yet oddly charming

Chase Vernon Says:

- This is exactly what describes Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus nowadays

Sabor Q Says:

- Dude not cool. Amanda Bynes has a serious mental disorder and all the flack she gets only makes things worse,

xIegionx Says:

- well the only thing off is that this seems to describe Miley Cyrus than Amanda.. I can't say I remember Amanda being that desperate for sex or going bad..

aleks maccheese Says:

- 0:08 to 0:16 (turn captions) "for AR miss amanda bynes for all the extra extra extra extra deep in your ass while gonna get over you can deliver that meet next repeat firm hand"......waht?

Cash Fulton Says:

- lik if u fapped

volcanus20 Says:

- oh lord what have i watched

Numinous123 Says:

- Before anyone cries that people are being mean to Amanda Byne.... remember that as pathetic as she is, she's still a millionaire. I can only feel just so much sympathy for someone who's a spoiled, rich, brat who destroyed their life with drugs and stupidity.

WiseEndro333 Says:

- Someone just murder myvagina @Drake;)